CRM Migration for KG Electrical Contractors

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CRM Migration for KG Electrical Contractors

Shopline Partnership with STRATAGEMS to deliver kg project

At STRATAGEMS, we recently partnered with KG Electrical Contractors on a challenging yet rewarding project to migrate their bespoke developed CRM from a legacy provider to a new hosted and managed environment. This CRM is not just a tool for KG Electrical Contractors; it’s the backbone of their business, essential for managing the workload of their workforce and tracking business operations.

Project Details

The need for this migration arose due to several issues with the legacy provider. The timescales for their work were vastly overrun, leading to a loss of faith in their services. Moreover, there was no documentation or maintenance guides for the CRM, making it challenging to manage and update. KG Electrical Contractors wanted to take back control of their CRM and sought a reliable partner to manage and further develop their system.

Our strategy at STRATAGEMS involved a meticulous analysis of the current CRM solution. We aimed to find the best hosting provider that was not only reliable but also cost-effective. During our trial runs of moving the software to the new host, we took the opportunity to move the CRM onto a more appropriate domain. However, these early attempts unveiled numerous challenges, including bugs that needed fixing and hitherto unknown security issues that required addressing before a successful migration could be completed. We also identified critical licensed software dependencies that were undisclosed at the start of the project and needed to be migrated simultaneously.

 “The adaptability and responsiveness of STRATAGEMS were exceptional. They not only addressed issues as they arose but also proactively improved system features, significantly enhancing our operational capabilities.”

Sanjay Patel, CFO of Enlighten Smiles

The final stages of the project included a test run and detailed cutover planning. It was crucial that the customer ran final tests to ensure nothing was broken after the migration. We completed the migration as scheduled and took the extra step to document our strategy for future reference and future-proofing the customer’s investment.

This project aligned perfectly with KG Electrical Contractors’ overall goals. The CRM is the lifeline of their operations, and a smooth transition without impacting the customer was essential. The outcomes were significant – not only was the CRM brought under KG Electrical’s control, but we also helped them completely remove their reliance on the legacy provider. We provided them with a stable platform that allows for future enhancements and modifications of the CRM with a new trusted partner.

“This collaboration with KG Electrical Contractors exemplifies our philosophy. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about unlocking potential and driving business growth. Our team’s expertise in navigating complex challenges and delivering customised solutions is what sets us apart.”


The uniqueness of this project lay in its ‘black-box’ nature. We initially had no understanding of how the software worked with no documentation, knowing only that it was based on a legacy provider. However, our team’s expertise enabled us to navigate through these uncertainties effectively.

Success was measured by the seamless migration with no impact on the business, removal of reliance on the old provider, and the ability to develop new enhancements on the migrated server significantly reducing KG Electricals’ ongoing hosting costs. This project is a testament to STRATAGEMS’ commitment to overcoming challenges, delivering tailored solutions, and enabling our clients to regain control and independence in their critical business operations.


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