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Leora Lighting Collaborates with STRATAGEMS to Illuminate Their Digital Journey via Shopline’s eCommerce Platform

Shopline Partnership with STRATAGEMS to deliver Leora Project

Carving out its distinctive niche in the digital landscape, Leora Lighting has chosen STRATAGEMS, renowned for its digital solutions, to develop their new eCommerce storefront using the sophisticated SHOPLINE platform. At its heart, Leora Lighting is committed to not just selling premier lighting equipment online but also guiding customers with its unique approach to consultative selling.

“In the intricate realm of lighting choices and their detailed specifications, our ambition is to be the guiding light, illuminating the path for our customers. Our partners understand our vision and have presented a compelling solution,”

Kyle Gamble, CEO of Leora Lighting.

SHOPLINE’s celebrated core functionalities, seamless social media integrations, and scalability positioned it as the platform of choice. These attributes are in sync with Leora Lighting’s objectives, ensuring smooth operations today while fuelling ambitious growth horizons in the UK and internationally.

In the selection process, STRATAGEMS stood out, not merely for their extensive history in pioneering online commerce but fundamentally for their unwavering commitment to the customer. The team’s deep-rooted expertise, coupled with their utmost professionalism, instilled a confidence that they were not just providing a service, but crafting bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs. Both STRATAGEMS and SHOPLINE’s reputation of placing the customer at the heart of every project resonated strongly, making them an unequivocal choice for the collaboration.

“Our partnership with Leora Lighting isn’t just about crafting an online space but building an elevated, user-centric digital journey.”

Paul Tough, CEO of STRATAGEMS. 

 “When visionary brands like Leora Lighting harness SHOPLINE’s potential, the result is magic. Their aspiration, coupled with STRATAGEMS’s expertise, will undeniably set new standards in online lighting retail.”

Deepak Anand, GM of SHOPLINE, EMEA.

The industry awaits the unveiling of a platform that is set to revolutionise online lighting solutions.

About Stratagems

For over two decades the team at STRATAGEMS have pioneered influential online commerce stores and groundbreaking digital experiences. Today, leveraging its profound expertise, STRATAGEMS democratises premium eCommerce solutions for on the Shopline retail platform, consistently driven by a commitment to offer genuine value and elevate in-house digital proficiencies.

About Leora Lighting

Spearheaded by CEO Kyle Gamble, Leora Lighting is poised to be a luminous presence in the eCommerce arena. Beyond the products, they are committed to helping customers choose the right selection of high-end lighting solutions.


Founded in 2013, SHOPLINE was a member of the Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups accelerator in 2014, and has become one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing commerce Software-as-a-service and solution providers. The SHOPLINE platform offers a rich ecosystem of technologies, resources and partners that empowers merchants to succeed. Merchants leverage SHOPLINE’s omnichannel solutions for e-commerce, social commerce and point-of-sales to sell their products and services around the world. To date, SHOPLINE has helped over 500,000 brands scale their retail businesses.

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